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Followup of the case of the JUDICIARY OFFICERS

Following the AUDP Declaration on Separation of Powers of the Three Branches of Government of Swaziland , King Mswati III through Prime Minister Sibusiso B.Dlamini,issued a public statement in which he suspended the warrant of arrest of Chief Justice,Judge Jacob Annadale and latter Register of High Court and Judiciary Service Commission charges were withdrawn.
Judge Mpendulo Simelane was suspended (impeached) from work,and Chief Justice has spent more than 23 days locked himself inside his house regardless the Government Public Statement that warrant of arrest has been suspended.Police officers are still camping around Chief Justice House intending to arrest him when he comes out despite that the warrant of arrest has been suspended.

 The fact of the matter is that the Judiciary Officers after having been controlled and been manipulated for a long time, by the Executive branch of Government, had decided to comply with the constitution of the country to protect and promote the separation of powers and the rule of law.
However,the Prime Minister together with his associates ,in fear of being arrested for violating the constitution and other various crimes, decided to employ unlawfully and unconstitutionally criminal prosecution against the Judiciary officers and Minister of Justice.This is because the Judiciary Officers had decided to operate independently as per the constitution.
Currently,the three branches of Government are being controlled by the King Mswati III using his appointed Prime Minister.This is because of the absence of Liberalism in Swaziland.