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1907576_688747794519573_1870330039_nFollowing AUDP Declaration on Separation of Powers of Three Branches of Government in Swaziland, the following developments have taken place in Swaziland.

  1. In particular,the issue of Judges has been slightly addressed, As charges of one Judge Jacob Annadale has been unlawfully withdrawn, warrant of arrest for Chief Justice Ramodibedi-a Lesotho National – has been unlawfully suspended,Judge Mpendulo Simelane and Chief Justice Ramodibedi have been unlawfully impeached,Register of High Court and Secretary of the Judiciary Service Commission Fikile Nhlabatsi has been unlawfully impeached, Minister of Justice Sibusiso Shongwe is still in Prison as he was denied bail by the Government’s Controlled Judiciary.

All these people were harassed,victimised and arrested for trying to advance separation of powers of the three branches of government,and rule of law in Swaziland.The unlawfully suspended Chief Justice Ramodibedi- a Lesotho National- has spent more than 33 days locked himself inside his house,in fear of being unlawfully and unconstitutionally arrested,and tortured by Swazi Police, and denied justice and/or unlawfully and unconstitutionally convicted by the Government Controlled Judiciary.

2. On the 14th day of May,2015,at Nhlangano Royal Swazi Sun Hotel,the Lawyers For Human’s Rights of Swaziland held a meeting on Separation of Powers of the three branches of Government in Swaziland.

Participates were more than 150 AUDP Members including Members of Parliament,Judiciary Officers, Lawyers for Human’s Rights of Swaziland,Members of Lawyers Society of Swaziland,Africa Judges and Jurists Forum, Judges for Judges (the Netherlands) and the Commonwealth Magistrates’ and Judges’ Association

3. Further, following AUDP Declaration on Separation of Powers of Three Branches of Government in Swaziland,the ICJ on the 5 days Fact Finding Mission on Separation of Powers in Swaziland, reached a conclusion as hereunto attached.