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International institutions urges change in Swaziland

International institutions urges change in Swaziland

Sunday Times of Swaziland dated 23rd October,2023,page 1 to 2,states that International Parliament last week in Gilgal  resolved to send Delegation to Swaziland to meet arrested MPs, and all Stakeholders regarding the Political Unrest in Swaziland, and to ascertain the initiator and cause of the Political Struggle leading to current political unrest in Swaziland.

Page 6 to 7,of the same, states that United Nation Periodical Review Council (UN ) urging Swaziland Government to make Constitutional Guarantee that Political Parties will able to deploy Party Candidates in next year 2023,General Elections, in exercising their rights to Freedom of Associations, Freedom of Assembly, freely Participating in Political Activities of Swaziland.

All the  Contents of Resolution of International Parliament, and the Statement of United Nation are in accordance to AUDP Policies, and/ or AUDP Submission in 22 Africa Liberal Network  (ALN Assembly in Capital Empire Hotel, Senton Johannesburg, South Africa, 6 to 9 October,2022,and Africa Liberal Network, or Marrakech Declaration to Democratize Swaziland

We humble pass our Gratitude to all Members of Parliament, and  Senior African Leaders who participated in 22 Africa Liberal Network  (ALN) Assembly and their efforts in advancing Liberal Values and Principles in bringing Full Democratic Freedom in Swaziland.