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Mission Statement

In compliance with our Ideology – Social or Modern Liberalism.

We seek to achieve: –

Promotion and Protection of;

  1. Constitutional Multiparty Democratic Parliament,


3.Good Governance,

4.Transparent and Accountability of all public officials in office, including Head of State,

5.Rule of Law, Supremacy of Law and Equality of Law;

6.Limited Government,

  1. Fundamental Humans Rights, and Cultural Heritage,

8.Economic Growth and Prosperity-Free Enter-Price, or Open Market Economy, and/or Trade Liberalization,

9.Peace and Security,

  1. Fundamental Principles of Constitutionalism,
  2. Right of Conquest, or Right to Self-Determination, or

Land Restitution and Border Adjustment, and

  1. Ratification, Domestication and Implementation of all International and Regional Conventions, Treaties, Protocols, Memorandums, Agreements, Declarations, Policies and any other, to which Swaziland is a member.