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International institutions urges change in Swaziland

Sunday Times of Swaziland dated 23rd October,2023,page 1 to 2,states that International Parliament last week in Gilgal  resolved to send Delegation to Swaziland to meet arrested MPs, and all Stakeholders regarding the Political Unrest in Swaziland, and to ascertain the initiator and cause of the Political Struggle leading to current political unrest in Swaziland. Page 6 to 7,of the same, […]


03.10.2022 PRESS STATEMENT; AUDP ADVINCING LIBERALISM IN SWAZILAND To all Members, Supporters, and Friends of African United Democratic Party (AUDP), Kindly be informed that, that on Thursday the 6th day of September,2022, to Sunday the 10th day of September,2022, AUDP will be Participating in 22 Annual General Assemble of all Liberal Political Parties in Africa, at The Capital Empire Hotel, […]


21.06.2022 PRESS STATEMENT; COMPLIMENTS OF VISIT OF ZAMBIAN PRESIDENT IN SWAZILAND We humbly highly appreciate the visit of Liberal President of Zambia, His Excellency President Hakainde Hichilema, to Swaziland, on or about 5 th day of June,2022. The humble, Lovely, Visionary, and Liberal President visit in Swaziland was significant in advancing Liberalism in Swaziland, Africa, and Internationally. The two Memorandum of Agreement signed between […]

 ALN concern over election and government crises in DRC and Republic of Congo.

As such, we are full in support of our Partner Liberal Parties, in their struggle of advancing Liberalism in Central Africa,Africa and Internationally. Accordingly, it is high time ALN intensifies its efforts of advancing Liberalism in Africa, so as to sweep away Conservatives, communists and/or Socialists Dictators in Africa. Thanking you in advance for your anticipated co-operation in this regard. […]

Parliament debates on Seperation of Powers

Following AUDP Declaration on Seperation of Powers of Three Branches of Government in Swaziland, the following developments have taken place in Swaziland. In particular, on 21st day of May,2015, Parliament of Swaziland-House of Senator debates a Notice of Motion on Seperation of Powers of Three Branches of Government. The Notice of Motion to clearly define Seperation of Powers of Three Branches of Government […]


Following AUDP Declaration on Separation of Powers of Three Branches of Government in Swaziland, the following developments have taken place in Swaziland. In particular,the issue of Judges has been slightly addressed, As charges of one Judge Jacob Annadale has been unlawfully withdrawn, warrant of arrest for Chief Justice Ramodibedi-a Lesotho National – has been unlawfully suspended,Judge Mpendulo Simelane and Chief […]

Followup of the case of the JUDICIARY OFFICERS

Following the AUDP Declaration on Separation of Powers of the Three Branches of Government of Swaziland , King Mswati III through Prime Minister Sibusiso B.Dlamini,issued a public statement in which he suspended the warrant of arrest of Chief Justice,Judge Jacob Annadale and latter Register of High Court and Judiciary Service Commission charges were withdrawn. Judge Mpendulo Simelane was suspended (impeached) from work,and […]

AUDP members in over 2hrs meet with minister

By MANQOBA NXUMALO on January 20,2011 MANZINI- A political party seeks to participate in the 2013 elections and has since met Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, David Matse, to present its case and call for the registration of parties. The African United Democratic Party (AUDP) Secretary General, Sibusiso Dlamini and his party’s Political Commissar, Mxolisi Dlamini, on Tuesday met […]

Police stop AUDP rally

TIMOTHY SIMELANE  27/02/2012 MANZINI – Police prevented a political rally organised by the African United Demo-cratic Party (AUDP) at Mhlaleni on Saturday. Though the rally was attended by just 12 AUDP members, there were an estimated 80 police officers present. From as early as 10am the AUDP members, mostly comprised of male youths, had assembled near the shops and were […]

Govt wants political parties to register ?

MBABANE – MDUDUZI MAGAGULA 11/07/2010 Government is drafting a law that will, if  ultimately enacted, facilitate the registration of political parties. The office of the Attorney General (AG) has drafted what is known as the Registration of Political and Social Parties Bill. This law is now ready to be taken through processes that would lead to its adoption as law. Sabelo […]